Sergeant Fights Off Assailants in Hulhumale' Assault Incident

22 May 2023

A sergeant from Galolhu Police Station valiantly fought off a group of assailants who assaulted the sergeant while on off-duty in Hulhumale' yesterday. The officer, currently receiving medical treatment at Hulhumale Hospital, was targeted by individuals belonging to a known crime group.


The incident, which unfolded on 21st May, has highlighted the risks faced by law enforcement officers even when off duty. However, the swift response and courageous actions of the sergeant have been commended by Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed, who personally reviewed video footage of the assault.


In a tweet following the incident, Commissioner Hameed expressed his admiration for the brave sergeant, stating, "Praise the Sergeant from Galolhu Police Station, who fought bravely against the assailants, who we now know belong to a known crime group. Hats off to High Visibility and Hulhumale’ team for the swift action taken to arrest them."



The quick response from the High Visibility Police and Hulhumale' teams deserve recognition for their efficiency in apprehending the suspects. High Visibility Police is special team formed to work against gang activities.


The injured officer was promptly taken to Hulhumale Hospital, where medical professionals are providing necessary care. 


The arrest of four individuals involved in the assault, who are confirmed to be members of a known crime group, marks a significant breakthrough in the ongoing efforts to combat criminal activity in the Capital City. The Maldives Police Service remains committed to ensuring the safety and security of all citizens, and incidents such as these serve as a reminder of the challenges faced by law enforcement personnel.


The Commissioner of Police has expressed his gratitude to the sergeant and the entire police force for their dedication and bravery in upholding the law and protecting the community. The Police Service continues to encourage the public to report any suspicious activities or provide information that could assist in maintaining law and order.