Information session held for students of Thulhaadhoo School to raise awareness on road safety and fire prevention

25 May 2023

In a joint effort to promote safety and well-being among students, the B. Thulhaadhoo Police Station collaborated with B. Thulhaadhoo School to organize an information session aimed at raising awareness about road safety and fire prevention. The session, held on the 24th of May 2023, saw the participation of 62 students from Grades 7 and 8.


During the engaging session, students were provided with crucial information on how to protect themselves from potential road incidents. They were advised to pay close attention to vehicles while on the road, ensuring their own safety and that of others. Emphasizing the importance of consideration for fellow road users, the students were encouraged to adopt responsible behaviors that do not disrupt or inconvenience others.


In addition, the session highlighted essential precautions to be taken while riding bicycles, ensuring that students are equipped with the knowledge needed to stay safe on the roads. 


Additionally, by addressing common causes of fire incidents, the students were made aware of potential dangers and empowered with preventive measures to avoid such situations.


The information session also covered what actions students should take in the event of a fire, as well as how they can assist others during such emergencies. By equipping the students with these life-saving skills, the organizers aimed to instill a sense of preparedness and responsibility in the event of an unfortunate incident.


The collaborative effort between the B. Thulhaadhoo Police Station and B. Thulhaadhoo School proved to be a valuable platform for disseminating knowledge on road safety and fire prevention. By educating the students, the initiative sought to create a safer environment for all, promoting a culture of responsibility and caution.