Maldives Police Service has launched its next five-year strategic plan

03 Jun

The Maldives Police Service has launched its next five-year strategic plan. 


The Honorable Ali Ihsan, Minister of Internal Security and Technology, launched the Strategic Plan on June 5 during a ceremony at the Iskandhar Building. Commissioner of Police Ali Shujau, Deputy Commissioner of Police Ismail Naveen, Deputy Commissioner of Police Farhad Fikry, and other police executive officers and commissioned officers were present at the ceremony.


The Maldives Police Service's next five-year strategic plan identifies five key priorities. The five key areas are:


Combating Criminal Threats: Strengthening the central and regional capacity of the police service to make the country a safer place for all, combating drugs, preventing gang crimes, tracking down illegal foreign workers and human trafficking, addressing theft, robbery, fraud, traffic violations, and cybercrime. Working with the community to build public confidence in combating crime, terrorism, violent extremism, domestic violence, violence against women and children, as well as public disorder, and to eliminate the fear of crime and disorder.



Prioritizing Community Engagement and Policing: Strengthening police-community relationships and ensuring the safety and security of citizens through a community policing model tailored to the needs of the police service.


Modernizing and Upgrading Police Infrastructure and Practices: Developing and implementing a long-term plan through strategic investments to upgrade physical infrastructure, technology, and resources. Departments will work together to address existing challenges and create a culture that promotes effective service delivery.


Fostering Effective Governance and Leadership Development: Reviewing and prioritizing internally established departments, systems, processes, regulations, policies, and procedures. Strengthening core policing functions and leadership approaches at all levels to build a skilled and capable workforce for healthy service delivery.


Ensuring Accountability and Ethical Conduct: Maintaining public confidence in the police by promoting transparency and professionalism in the police service and fostering a culture of integrity.


With the Police Strategic Plan for the next five years, many efforts will be made to further enhance the quality of police services during the upcoming period. These efforts will lead to significant achievements.


These initiatives include implementing a national strategy to combat drugs and gang violence, establishing a department dedicated to combating drug and violent crime, setting up an anti-scam center to decrease scam victimization, and devising a local policing strategy to enhance neighborhood policing further.