Addu City Hithadhoo Police appreciates honesty of the expatriate worker

11 Jun 2020
AdducityAprreciatesThe Addu City Hithadhoo Police have appreciated the honesty of the expatriate worker, Mr. M.D. Kamal Hossain for handing 1lakh Rufiya, (MVR10000) that was found lying on a street of Addu City Hithadhoo), on the early hours of 5th june 2020. At a meeting held in Addu City Police on the evening of 10th June 2020, Mr. Kamal Hossain was awarded with a certificate of appreciation and a cash prize and a gift of token on behalf of all officers working in Addu City Police. The owner Mr.Ali Abdu Satharu, to whom the cash belonged, also witnessed this beautiful event. He has also extended courtesy towards Mr. Hossain by offering a cash prize and one month free food from his restaurant. He also promised to employ him, if at all needed. This pleasant meeting was embraced by Head of South Police Division Chief Inspector of Police Ameen Abdul Gayoom, Addu City Police Commander Sub Inspector of Police Ibrahim Imran, and Chief Station Inspector Ibrahim Naeem. Mr. Hossain found the cash enclosed in an envelope, lying on a road, on the 5th June 2020. Upon returning to Hithadhoo Police, Police located the rightful owner and returned the amount the next day afternoon, on 6th june 2020.