Commissioner of Police meets with elections security expert consultant, Mr. Eldred de Klerk

26 Aug 2013

The Commissioner of Police has met with Mr. Eldred de Klerk, an elections security expert consultant from the Commonwealth Secretariat. The meeting took place at the Commissioner’s Office on 25 August 2013.

Commissioner Riyaz welcomed Mr. de Klerk to the Maldives, and expressed his gratitude for assisting the Maldives Police Service (MPS) in the field of elections security. He also thanked the Commonwealth Secretariat for generously granting the request made by the MPS to receive consultancy services.

Mr. de Klerk will primarily be working with the MPS to ensure that the organization’s elections security strategy is in line with international best practices, while also providing guidance to MPS officers to ensure that law and order remains during the elections period.

Mr. de Klerk voiced that he looks forward to working with the MPS, and hopes that his expertise will aid the organization in its elections security operations.